As Edison High School in Portland, Oregon, marks its 50th anniversary, we at Carrier Creative had the honor of documenting this milestone through a poignant documentary. Capturing the school’s journey, originally known as the Tree of Learning, the film highlights the founder’s innovative vision for education.

Interviews with staff and alumni revealed the deep, personal impact of the school. Individuals shared how Edison helped them value their uniqueness and face the world with confidence. Filming these stories over two days, using a dual-camera setup and strategic lighting, we aimed to authentically represent their experiences.

Reflecting on this project, the privilege of narrating these life-changing stories was not only a professional endeavor but a profound personal experience. It reaffirmed our belief in the power of storytelling to capture the human spirit.

We invite you to watch this documentary to hear the alumni stories and the ongoing community impact. To learn more about Edison High School‘s enduring legacy and support their mission, visit Here’s to celebrating the past and looking forward to a future of continued excellence in education!