We are creative documentarians.  We observe stories unfolding before us as we artistically explore the meanings and emotions that permeate each moment.

The posture of “documenting” speaks to our passion for exploring and experiencing life to its fullest.

Our style is truly wrapped up in our name.  An “atelier” is an artist studio, which points back to our passion for art.  And the best part is that our atelier follows us wherever we go, from our office in Portland, Oregon, to the wide world beyond.

A Word from the Artist, Jonathan Marrs

Over the years, my journeys throughout the world have solidified my interest in photography and filmmaking.  In particular, trips to Nepal and Thailand throughout my twenties taught me the influence of images and stories on our worldviews.

I studied art at Azusa Pacific University for my B.A. and then Vermont College of Fine Arts for my M.F.A.  By the time I finished grad school filmmaking and photography had solidified as my primary creative tools. The intensity of these programs really pushed me to excel in both craftsmanship and intellectual rigor.

“Documentation” is such an academic word, but it is rooted in the fact that I forget things so easily.  I love to document in order to remember.