Marry ME! Wedding Show Videos

The Marry ME! Wedding Show is produced by Misty and the team at Luxe Event Productions and it showcases wedding cake and inspiration.  We were honored to be asked to capture the event on video.  It was a show filled with energy and A LOT of cake!  Check out this video to get an idea of what the Marry ME! Wedding Show is all about.



Having over 50 wedding cakes laid out in the convention center presented a challenge for us to document on video.  There were so many and when you come down to it, cake does not do much, it just kind of sits there and looks pretty.  We wanted to capture the variety and volume of the wedding cakes and we managed to fit all 50+ into less than three minutes!  We hope you enjoy this video, and feel free to brush your teeth after you finish watching it 🙂



All the cakes were created by these amazing artists:

White Rose Bakery –
Artisan Cake Company –
Simply Sweets –

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