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I’m so thankful that Oiselle asked me to document the journey of some of their sponsored athletes. It was an honor to see how each woman paid tribute to the “feminine fierce” quality that Oiselle celebrates. They sent me to the Portland... Read More »

Center Gyrotonic

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I was excited to work with Emma Kingston’s team over at Center Gyrotonic. As a former gymnast myself, it was familiar territory to observe the form, shapes, and movements of the body as each person on the team demonstrated their... Read More »

Adventures Without Limits

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Working alongside Adventures Without Limits has been incredibly exciting. Their mission is “to provide opportunity and adventure to all people, regardless of their ability levels, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity or age.” After joining the AWL team on a number of outings, we have... Read More »

Nepal, After the Earthquake


I don’t think I have ever felt more overwhelmed than when I returned home from Nepal at the end of May 2015. My emotions were stretched thin and my energy reserves were nearly depleted. And yet, if I were faced... Read More »